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Filtered Coffee

Our suppliers


We are very proud of our relationships with local suppliers. They provide us with wonderful seasonal produce that is full of goodness.


North Star


We are a coffee company and family united by a love for great coffee and a desire to protect all it supports. Our journey began over conversations with small scale coffee producers  in Kenya as we asked them about their experiences of Fairtrade. This opportunity was life changing and inspiring but also deeply emotive, displaying the deep seated issues in this global supply chain and showing us that the industry does not work for all those it serves and specifically, for those it relies upon. 

North Star was founded to prove that an approach based on quality and impact can improve the viability of business models across the coffee supply chain. We have a vision of a more certain future for coffee, free from the volatility of the commodity market and resilient to the impacts of climate change.


Cryer & Stott


Cryer & Stott are an award-winning independent cheesemongers & fine food merchants based in West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on having close ties with artisan cheesemakers & producers across the UK. We source & wholesale the finest quality products perfect for our client’s needs. Stocking over 700 British cheeses we are sure have the perfect selection. Our product range extends beyond cheese & includes pies, charcuterie, antipasti, biscuits, oils, chutney, meats & eggs all with real provenance.

Cheese Board
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